What is Microsoft Office

What is Microsoft Office

Office.com/setup - Microsoft Office may well be a collection of labor house profit applications thats designed overall to be used for operating setting or business use. it s assistant degree tip high potential results of Microsoft Corporation and was starting free in 1990. Microsoft operating condition is obtainable in thirty 5 evident tongues and is fortified by Windows, coat and most operating system operating framework groupings. It essentially contains of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, Outlook and Publisher applications.

Office.com/setup – Enter Office Setup Product Key

Office.com/setup Every person needs prepare assignments or projects at some point in their educational or professional time. Countless of office presentations and schools assignments are prepared on Microsoft Office productivity suite to get smart and attractive outcome. Since the suite includes different applications, each application has its own specification and components.

Regardless of the documented and well-organized productivity features, Office suite also entitles its subscribed users to save their data on offered cloud storage. Depending on the package, you will get services accordingly. However, to purchase a product and start using it, you need to do these procedures.

What do you need to do to get started with Office setup?

  • Select a product and package
  • Get your subscription
  • Register you account on office.com/setup
  • Download and install

To start working on Office suite 2013, 2016 or any other version, you need proceed with each step manually. Each step has further manual instruction and if not performed well, you might encounter Microsoft Office error during setup or other fatal errors as well.

When you carry out the instructions in right order, you get error free download in less time. Hence, to step ahead in sequence, go to Microsoft Office page and click on Office option> Product. Once you finalize the product, you want to purchase, click buy now and check out. After providing all the necessary billing information, create you account on the same website.

This will help you to take you directly to the download and installation step. Now, if you like to work online, you can use the subscription online as well. However, users more comfortable with the desktop version can follow the steps below.

How do you download Office Setup on Windows computer?


  1. Open a web browser and go to office.com/setup
  2. Sign in with Microsoft account associated or Sign up if you are a new user
  3. On your profile, download offline installer to get the desktop version of Office setup
  4. Enter the product key if asked
  5. Click Download Office and proceed to the next set of instruction


  1. Open the recently downloaded file and launch Office setup on Install MS Office (the option may vary depending on the software version or operating system)
  2. Enter your Office setup product key in the field while asked to enter
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts and complete installation

The installation might take several minutes, wait until the process completes and then restart your PC. You can now you the desktop version of the productivity suite.

However, if you have a pre-installed Office setup and its subscription is going to expire or has already expired, you need to renew the software to get uninterrupted usage of applications. To renew you software, here are some simple steps you need to perform.

Microsoft Office subscription renewal with a product key

  1. Login to your account on Office.com/setup
  2. When directed, enter the product key and submit
  3. Follow the prompts if displayed on the screen and complete the renewal
  • If you do not see any renewal option, follow the steps below
  1. Launch any random Office application, e.g. Office Word and check for the highlighted banner below the task bar and click on the ‘Reactivate’ button
  2. When landed on Microsoft Office home page, login to your profile
  3. Complete the prompts and get the renewal

The productivity suite is now renewed. You can use any application on online as well as offline version. You can also switch to another version if want additional or different set of features. Regardless of the product and package, the steps to download and install Office setup on your computer will be the same.

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